Through a Proven, Cutting Edge Process of Self-Empowerment~

Empower Yourself by Transforming Your Somatic ‘Younger Self’

Create a Foundational, Sustainable Alliance within.

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Many still believe that putting all their attention and energy on developing their conscious self is enough to achieve happiness, success, greatness and be part of an Evolving world. Yes, of course, this is the way toward the state of inner Wholeness. However there is the small, yet, substantial, significant and major aspect of the self that has been missing and overlooked: The sub-consciousness of the suppressed, hidden Younger Self within.

Your Younger Self is also waiting to be Healed, Transformed and fulfilled.

This Younger Self is the Key and Doorway to your Whole Self’s Flourishing.

This Self’s influence plays an immense role in your everyday life, in your relationships, in conflict-resolution, in your creative expression and your overall state of being.

The world is in a state of unrest partially because most of humanity has been ‘asleep’ and not aware of the mis-creations caused by ego-driven agenda and the un-conscious creations of the Younger Self’s Core Wounding.

One of the shifts that has to take place is that we, as humans, need to KNOW and connect with our own inner power.

WE are powerful beyond measure, the problem is that we have not realized this power as most of us have been conditioned to ‘see’ ourselves as ‘lesser than’…through our traumatic experiences, conditioning, abuse, racism…and the improper modelling most of us received.

This created a false sense of self, know as False/Separate self. This self is not the Truth of our essential nature.      

Have You Ever Thought/Felt:

I’m Alone?
I’m Unworthy?
I’m Not Good Enough?
I’m Unlovable?
I Don’t belong?
I’m a Burden?
I’m Bad
I’m a Failure
I’m invisible
I’m Crazy (and so on)….?

That is the ‘voice’ of your Younger Self infiltrating your conscious mind, allowing valuable creative energy to escape.

This is not your Truth, this is no-one’s Truth!

The Truth is YOU are a magnificent Being…no matter your ethnicity, religion, gender, socioeconomic status and your political orientation…WE All are!!!

We are all born with unique attributes, gifts, greatness and the potential for


You consciously know this and you are already experiencing aspects of it…now is the time to teach and illuminate your Younger Self about your Truth.

Join me in discovering and integrating a powerful, cutting-edge Transformative Process that will teach you the Skills, Capacities, Inner Resources/Technology and the Brilliance and Greatness of your True, Unique Self.


Would you like to discover the ‘voice’ of your true, unique core self, that knows your worth, your love….

What do you, mostly, desire to experience and create in your relationship with yourself?

Are you ready, are you willing, do you choose to find your way back to the magnificent Self you are, by healing and transforming everything that has blocked you so far?