‘Rising In Mastery’ is a powerful training that will shift the way you understand and experience yourself:

The program I developed ~ Rising In Mastery (Mastering Self-Transformation) ~ is a deeply comprehensive program that guides you, step by step, from your limited and possibly “victim” based consciousness to discovering, cultivating and anchoring your liberated and limitless Core Self in your bodily felt experience!


There is a way to become all that you sense yourself to Be and realize your deepest soul desires:

If you are an aware, caring and conscious woman or man, committed to realizing your desires, purpose, potentials and genius, but feeling frustrated and blocked in any area of your life due to emotional pain, depression, stress and anxiety, lack of self-confidence and creative self-expression, in your vocation and/or relationships, relax and know there is a Way!

We are inside of a major evolutionary shift: the shift from identifying ourselves as our less-developed self, to our magnificent, genius and empowered True Self! We are here to be transformed, and everything in our life is a reflection of our inner experience ~ our inner compass.


You are here to experience and express your magnificence:

You are here to evolve yourself from lower, restricted, less-aware and developed, erroneous, victim and disunited consciousness. You are here to consciously participate in the self-realized evolvement of your True Self; to know, experience and express your magnificence, your Divine origins, the highest possibilities inherent within you, and to co-create the actualization of Soul’s destiny.


This is My Story ~ This is how I Transformed my Self:

On September 11/09, I experienced the inconceivable. My 24 year old beloved only son passed away! His name was/is Nathaniel and he IS a gift of Divine origin, as his name means. The grieving process I endured as a result of Nathaniel’s death has been the catalyst for a deep, vast and unprecedented life-altering transformation; the emergence of, and a falling-in-love with, my True Core Self!

As I allowed myself to navigate the grief process consciously, through this uncharted territory, I became the midwife of my own deep ‘core identity transformation/transmutation’. I found my way into my heart and Soul as I consciously connected with my Inner Beloved/Evolutionary Self and my Divine creativity ~ I fell-in-love with myself. I went through what I call a personal Renaissance. My poetry was an aspect of this ‘rebirth’.

It may sound paradoxical at first that I experienced a personal Renaissance after a major catastrophic and tragic life event. However, if we explore the navigational aspect of the grief process from a deeper transformational vantage point, we come to understand that, for the most part, transformation occurs after a breakdown, a crisis, a fall. How we respond to a crisis, including one of such magnitude as in my experience, determines the trajectory, the experience and the results we desire to have.

I began relating to this most devastating event (my son’s death) in what I now see as an empowered and conscious way. The Feminine Power Teachings provided the perfect map/blueprint for my healing, transformation and the emergence of a new ‘me’, with my new self-identity based on the deeper Truth of my Being. I found the Light in the depth of the Darkness and I aligned myself with that. This inner discovery of my Core Truth ~ the Light ~ became my North Star, and after seven years…here I am!

I am still astonished at what I have been able to create in my life in just the last four years! I have recently published a book, “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open: Transforming Loss Into Self-Love and Higher Purpose,” which became a Best Seller on April 4, 2017. I founded WeEvolve TV, an online Talk Show where I have interviewed many Luminaries the likes of Gangaji, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Katherine Woodward Thomas, James Twyman, Patricia Cota-Robles, Dreamhealer and many others. I created a very successful online Summit: Women Who Love With Wisdom & Power. I have written many Articles/Blogs as well as about four hundred poems published in several prominent magazines. I have met my Soul Twin, the man, the love I had envisioned since I was a child and knew was possible for me, but had never experienced before. Together we are co-creating and experiencing a most extraordinary, Evolutionary and Divine love relationship.


Imagine for just a moment what is possible for you:

Imagine for just a moment what you may also be able to create if you were to begin responding to all breakdowns as an opportunity for transforming and evolving beyond the limits of your past? Learn to become your own best friend, your support, your advocate, and your source of self-love. You too can learn how to Fall Deeply In-Love With Your Self!

If you desire and intend to become truly confident, visible and seen; discovering and expressing your brilliance and purpose, creating a thriving livelihood aligned with your values, attracting a conscious loving partnership, manifesting your desires for creativity, fun and play, experiencing radiant health and wellbeing, deepening your Spiritual connection, and participating meaningfully in creating a brighter future, I’ve got some good news for you:

The reason you’ve been struggling to create a life that reflects these potentials has little to do with any personal shortfall, and everything to do with how we’ve been taught to access power in our culture. To create a life that reflects these deeper potentials, you must learn how to create from your internal genius power. Join us to discover the foundational practices for the most comprehensive, transformative training in the world to awaken and manifest your inner genius and magnificence with these potentials!

Together, we will unlock the Three Power Centres. You’re going to step into a vision of life that excites and inspires you. You’re going to break through the number one inner pattern that’s in the way of accessing your power. You’re going to discover how to connect to your intuition so you can begin to manifest and create your destiny. You’re going to break free from your biggest barrier to receiving support, and you’re going to experience the power that opens up when you’re supported by extraordinary, evolutionary teachings and practices.


This is the vision:

You will become your own leader, saviour, lover, architect, advocate, support-system, and the co-creator of your deepest Soul desires! You will learn to relate to grief and loss from a genuine, more awakened, more resourceful, more empowered, wiser and more aware perspective and vantage point.

This is what I did as I embarked consciously on the journey of grief at the loss of my son…with my “eyes wide open”, I walked by myself through a ravaged landscape unknown to me. There was darkness all around, with only the steady luminosity of my Soul lighting each step.

The process of Mastering Self Transformation will propel you in the birthing of a new self-realization and the creation of a new authentic self-identity. You will have the opportunity and potential to see and experience yourself from the Truth of your genuine Self. You will witness and experience yourself as the author of your own perceptions, the source of your experiences, and the empowered co-creator of your relationships/partnerships and your life.


You too can have the experience of embodying
your most Realized Self!


During this powerful training, this is what’s possible for you:

If you are experiencing a fundamental sense of discomfort that there could be something wrong with you, that somehow you’re lacking, that somehow you’re not good enough, then you may be driving/functioning from an ‘untrue’ sense of self or self-identity.

  • A deep connection, intimacy and empathy with True Self creates power!
  • A ‘false’ sense of Self can manifest as an impulse to disconnect, hide or disappear, intense pain, discomfort, anger, all of which can then lead to a shrinking of yourself.
  • This posture can produce depression, anxiety and an overall lack of self recognition, respect and love, manifesting as a result of false meanings that we make about ourselves, about others, about life. (Three Power Bases of Feminine Power) 
  • The pathway to transforming all of this is to expand into Empathy. Your Self is whole and perfect, what needs to change is the false self-identity, meanings, interpretations made in the past that are no longer congruent with your Truth.
  • Lack of a powerful and loving bond with your Self is often experienced as resistance against taking responsibility and being able to step into a healthy and natural process of evolution and development, and awakening to become aware of the larger Resonant Field of relatedness and connection that you’re a part of.

The Rising In Mastery Program is about activating a new self-identity experienced through developing and integrating the Three Power Bases of Feminine Power Teachings, insights, proven processes and practices. In these videos, we will focus on Power Base One. Power Base Two and Three will be explored in more depth in my upcoming 8 Weeks Program.

I will guide you through very powerful, cutting-edge transformative teachings and practices. The Rising In Mastery process is supported by the most comprehensive, step-by-step, integrative teachings available for those who want to go deep in creating long lasting transformation.


The first key area that we are going to want to work on is breaking down your inner ‘glass ceiling’. Next we want to look at key patterns:

  • What’s the core pattern?
  • What are the specific ways in which you may have been creating your inner current reality?
  • How has this been happening through you?
  • What’s the old belief?
  • What’s the deeper truth? Anchor that with a power statement.
  • Identify new ways of being, new skills and capacities, and new ways that you can show up.

I will support you in learning to have courage to show up in ways that are aligned with the deeper truth. I will guide you in:

  • Accessing your deeper knowing
  • Trusting yourself
  • Taking actions that are aligned with deeper truth
  • Aligning with the knowing that life is supporting you
  • Reaching out and exploring ways you can generate more support
  • Understanding how you can generate connection in relationship with others.