I know You desire to live the fullest life possible, free from restrictions, fears and conditioning.

I absolutely love working with individuals one-on-one. I have been doing this Transformational work for over 35 years. I also have been facilitating Women Circles, Personal Development programs, Courses/Groups.

Medea Bavarella Lapalme is an expert Transformative Teacher, Therapist, Facilitator, Leader and a successful Master Coach. Medea is the Best Selling Author of “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open.”
Her work, which is also her Soul mission, is about inspiring and facilitating people in their process of Transformation and Evolution, in order to awaken their higher life meaning and contribute their gifts and genius to their life and the world. She uses her own gifts of intuition, compassion, innovation, creativity and clarity of vision to gently and powerfully cut through what is not aligned to the highest perspective of truth. She is a master at creating affinity, rapport, deep caring and a powerful context where healing and transformation occurs naturally, powerfully and gracefully.

Medea possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Transformative expert, and she is a living example of how her Transformative work has liberated and empowered her to create success and fulfillment in her personal life and a great impact in her professional life. She is dedicated to guiding and empowering those who work with her to discover and embody self-love, to find their true voice and connect with their creative spark and life purpose.

Medea has been a Transformative Therapist, Coach and Group Leader for the last 35 years, supporting people on their personal Transformative journey, from ‘victim’ to empowered co-creator. She is also a Feminine Power Senior Coach-trained at The Institute of Women-Centred Coaching, Training & Leadership-which is a proven, comprehensive program that guides people to reach their highest potential. Her Training in the Feminine Power Transformative Mastery and Leadership programs inspires people to recognize themselves as the leader of their own lives. Medea holds a Master in Divinity and a B.A. in Philosophy, which helps those who work with her to experience more wholeness and integrate the deeper Spiritual dimension of their consciousness.

Medea is the Founder and Host of WeEvolve TV™, an online talk show, where she has interviewed many Luminaries in the field of Human Consciousness. Her interviews have been inspiring individuals globally. She is currently compiling an Anthology of her Transformative Poetry, and has released three professional videos of her poetry and her life. She has been selected to be an Anchor Writer, as well as to publish some of her poetry, by Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman, and Rebelle Society Magazine. One of her stories was published in the book Conscious Women ~ Conscious Lives.

Medea’s wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience is rooted in the teachings of many of the world’s Spiritual traditions, such as Advaita, Buddhist Meditation, Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, and Christian Mysticism. She is a Philosophy graduate and is Certified as a Transformational Therapist, Transpersonal Counselor and Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Danskinetics Instructor, and Peace Minister. More importantly, she is an example of the work she facilitates, having emerged through some most challenging life experiences as a wise and empowered woman.

Medea’s unique style, integrity, gracefulness, passion, enthusiasm, desire to assist and contribute, and her sharp ability to get to the core truth of any situation, provide a valuable advantage and benefit to all those who are mentored and guided by her. She will demonstrate and guide you how you too can live a liberated life of fulfillment, accomplishment and joy that you may have never known was possible.

You are here to discover the truth of your Self and to share your gifts with the world. My task is to help give life to them!


Medea ♥