• Would you like to discover the ‘voice’ of your true, unique core self, that knows your worth, your love….

  • What do you, mostly, desire to experience and create in your relationship with yourself?

  • Are you ready, are you willing, do you choose to find your way back to the magnificent Self you are, by healing and transforming everything that has blocked you so far?

    T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

    Your Younger, Wounded Self is the Key to Discovering Your Big Magnificent and Infinite Self.


Anxiety, stress and depression have increased enormously the last several years.

This is understandable given the pressure, confusion, uncertainties, loss and death that have increased exponentially.

While you may know what is causing these challenges, you may be less clear on how to deal with them.

This is the time where support and guidance is highly needed.

Remember you are neither broken nor a victim. You are an aspect of the intelligent and creative Universe. As you choose to heal and Transform everything that points to the contrary, you empowerment and evolve yourself.

True healing happens when you realize and accept your True nature, when you bring all of the separate pieces of yourself into Wholeness.

Everything, and I mean everything, you have ever experienced that has contributed to the ‘breaking’ of your Heart, contains within it, the key to your Transformation. When our focal point is, primarily, on pain, or the avoidance of pain at all costs, we get stuck and this causes ‘suffering’.

I see many inspirational messages on Social Media and I am sure they are all well intended.

The thing is, it is not enough to say: Be Kind…Be Love…Be your best self…Be Free, and so on.

These are great aspirations and we need to get to where we become that but the only way to ‘Be Kind…Be Love…Be fierce…. is to Transform our self-identity from deep inside.

During our formative years, most of us have experienced undesirable personal stories.

Stories that did not reflect our spirit, our Heart and our Divine truth.

The stories we experienced instead, were stories that minimized our sense of self and we, without realizing it,  defined ourselves by these un-true stories.

I Say: We Defined Ourselves!

However, the self that defined ourselves was the younger, the un-matured and not fully developed self. The child in us did the best she/he could to make sense of the circumstances, to protect ourself and make some type of meaning out of what we saw, felt, were told and experienced physically.

It is imperative we realize we created the core belief/self-identity that defined us and kept us living in exile from our Truth/True Self. I say this because if we realize we did so, we also realize, it is within our power to change it!!!

We can change what we created by default, by confusion, by error…and we can correct the misconception by Transforming the core through/belief from deep within.

This Is Transformation!

It is possible for you to discover, from within, how to be the One to lead your emancipation by transforming your self-identity.

I have been teaching, coaching, facilitating a deep and powerful Transformation of Self-Identity process  for many years, with utmost success! Transformation is in my Essence.

There is a precise, powerful and exact process that allows this Transformation to take place that helps us regain our True Self-identity, not based on what happened to us but based on discovering the True, Unique Self we were all along.

What’s possible is to discover and liberate the True, Unique Self thus living from our inner knowing, and Love.

Through the Transformational Process I guide people through, not only we re-write our personal, new story but we learn to live it!

Woman Centred Coaching/Feminine Transformation Template-Three Modules:

You’ll be guided to:

1. Identify and break through your inner barriers to success in the area of your vision

2. Activate your inner Guiding System to create in partnership with the greater intelligence of life

3. Magnetize the support you need to be able to create your vision



    * Learn to relate to your experience in a way that gives you unprecedented power to graduate beyond the patterns of your past, no matter how deeply ingrained they’ve been.

    * Learn to connect with the parts of yourself that are holding the emotional centres of your most difficult core beliefs in ways that are sure to catalyze your growth and evolution beyond them.

    * Awaken to how life is happening through you rather than to you, understanding the myths and truths about yourself as the source of your experience in order to become the master of your own destiny.

    * Have an embodied experience of the deeper truth of who you are and what is truly possible in your life and begin generating a life that reflects this truth back to you everywhere you go.

    * Learn how to have an empowered relationship with your feelings and emotions in order to avoid the pitfalls of where you’ve been stopped in life before now.

    * Discover how to transform the self-defeating ways you’ve been showing up in life, and powerfully begin generating new and life affirming ways of engaging with yourself, others and life.

The problem is that we have these hidden barriers in ourselves, to being able to manifest and create. We have these underlying beliefs about who we are, about who others are, about what is or isn’t possible in life, in different areas of our life. We can’t create that on top of that.

Everything needed for your release and emancipation is right here, right now…in you!

Guiding women through this most powerful, life altering, transformational process, is what I do…it is my Sacred Purpose.



    * Experience a deep and profound sense of belonging to All of Creation, and awaken to an inner awareness of being loved by all of Life.

    * Learn how to access the limitless support and resources of the Universe with an authentic confidence and faith to bring forth the fulfillment of your greatest potentials.

    * Discover why feeling into our deepest desires from “Power Center” is vital to becoming magnetic to their fulfillment.

    * Learn how to magically co-create all that you most deeply desire in partnership with the creative energies of Life itself.

    * Come to trust your “inner compass” to guide all of your actions in order to realize the fulfillment of your own unique destiny.

    * Learn to use setbacks, delays, obstacles and disappointments to catapult you toward the highest possibilities of your life.

    * Become a powerful vehicle for the goodness and beauty of life to express itself through you and be an active agent of evolution in the world.



    * Discover the essential differences between ordinary friendships and evolutionary partnerships, and why you absolutely must up-level your relationships in order to realize the greatest possibilities of your life.

    * Why playing the biggest game you can think of is imperative for your success in life.

    * Learn why you can only become your authentic self and take your rightful place in the world inside of a field of empowered relationship with others.

    * Awaken to the true purpose of all of your relationships, and begin generating mutually empowered partnerships that will lift and inspire you towards making your greatest contributions.

    * Learn the secrets to creating ecstatic intimacy and deepened connection with others that will support you to come into the full expression of your power in the world.

    * Master the art of generating extraordinary soulfulness, authentic care and relatedness wherever you are, whomever you are with.

    * Discover how to collaborate and create with others to unleash limitless co-creativity to fulfill on our mutual potentials.

I have several openings in my private Transformative, Woman Centred Coaching.

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My intention is to call-in those ready to be truly free and step in their empowerment.

Are you ready to take the first step?