Dear Woman,

I would like to invite you to join my group: Gatherings With Remarkable Women (GWRW) so you can learn how to become your own best friend, support system and lover…to love yourSelf unconditionally.

The world is in chaos, the world is changing in unexpected ways, you are being bombarded by news that make you feel: angry, lost, confused, giving up, anxious, depressed.

This is a normal reaction to what is taking place on the current world’s stage. What is going on ‘out there’ is precipitating an unprecedented global Transformative process and you’re feeling it to your bones.

Everyone and everything is feeling the enormity of these challenges and changes.

There are so many emotions, anxiety, trauma, stress and tension within the nervous system that is taking place pervasively.

There is a way to understand and shift (transform) these reactions to the challenges. We are not used to respond to issues from an empowered stance. The old programming, unconsciously, tells us we are not enough, not capable, not strong, incapable of solving issues, let alone, issues of this global magnitude.

This is not the Truth!

I experienced enormous Transformation, not only from the many years of being a Transformational Therapist, Facilitator, Coach, but mostly, from life itself, when ten years ago I lost my only son.

I know Transformation very intimately, I guided myself through the conscious grief process and the Re-birth/Resurgence I experienced has been extraordinary. I shared my process in my Best Selling book: Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open.

The process I used to help myself is a similar process I use, currently, with my private clients and in my groups/programs: the innovative, cutting edge, Transformative Feminine Power Process.

I Know you can do it, too, you can Transform your life to be a reflection of your innate Truth, and your deepest Heart desires.

The Truth is, we have inherent in our consciousness, everything we need: the wisdom, the intelligence, the natural capability and resources to be able to face anything…this is our innate, human potential.

There is a simple step we all need to learn to make in our relation with ourselves: we need to shift our identity from “Victimization / Powerless” to EMPOWERMENT…the power from within..the in-Power.

If you think and feel you are powerless and a victim of circumstances, then you will be that!

If you learn to Empower yourself, you become powerful, you connect with your innate power to be a force for the Good, the True, the Beautiful in yourSelf, in your life and in the world.

When you discover your innate Human Potential, no one has power over you, no one can tell you what to do, how to be and what to align yourself with, because the knowing will come from your inner Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Truth and Love.

Then you can become a Master, Sovereign of your whole Self.

The Truth is, you don’t have to be ALONE, afraid, struggle, be enraged…you can take charge of your mind, emotions, your relationships and your life. You can learn to Love yourSelf, to be the Sovereign authority on your Self/life, you can become clear and certain about your trajectory by discovering your deepest desires for what you want to achieve/create for YOU!

You have the potential and possibility to become a fearless co-creator of your reality…learning to create and manifest consciously what you desire, what is your destiny.

STOP giving your power away, even to those who claim to be able to help you if you do what they say and how they say it….those who place themselves above you keeping you in the child-like-consciousness of DEPENDENCY

I teach my clients and those in my groups NOT to give their power away, not even to me, but to liberate it in and for their life. A true Transformative Teacher, Therapist and Coach knows how to draw out truth, greatness, understanding and the possibility for changes out of you (that, which, is already in you).

By being a part of a conscious, Transformative and empowering group of women, desiring to be free and grow, will help you in accelerating your personal process of evolving yourself.

The energy of being in a group of remarkable women helps you amplify your greatness and each other’s greatness, and helps you feel a part of the larger Matrix of life…finding your place in the world.

Come and join me in a Circle for Co-Creative, Empowering Women:
~ Gatherings With Remarkable Women ~

Where: On Zoom Video
When: Every other Tuesday (Bio-monthly) starting on Tuesday, September 8, at 7pm eastern Time Zone.

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