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These are times when Grief is touching everyone’s life in tremendously profound ways. It feels like so much is being lost.

Many have experienced and are still experiencing loss: loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of self-identity, loss of dignity, loss of money…

I know about grief and loss, I experienced many losses in my life and the most devastating one was that of my only beloved son, eleven years ago. The first six months of the grief process I was not sure how I was going to get through it, I felt the pain was devastating, I did not know if I was going to make it alive!

The pain was excruciating and intense!

“What an incredible journey! Amazing woman! Amazing read!”Leila Mireskandari, Reviewed in Canada on April 26, 2017

 I traveled through the journey of loss and death being very present with myself, supporting myself through the process, while I was emotionally highjacked by the pain of grief. I had many navigational skills on my side, I am a Transformational Therapist and Coach, my experience provided me a foundation to stand upon as I traveled this uncharted territory of grief.

 Have you lost a precious loved one, are you feeling overwhelmed by the experiences you find yourself in, do you find yourself crying suddenly, do you feel alone, angry, stressed, abandoned and afraid due to the state of the world, do you feel you don’t know what to do and where to turn for respite and support?

Medea changed my life.. thank you and everyone should read this book!”Amazon Customer, Reviewed in Canada on June 19, 2019

 Perhaps you know of others, friends, family members, neighbours who are experiencing grief and loss?

 Self-development programs and science now agree that unresolved stress (which turns into distress) and emotions trigger certain chemicals in the body, Neuropeptides, that can cause thinking, memory and problem-solving impairment and health issues, lack of sleep, reactiveness and depressed.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who is experiencing any type of grief and would benefit from this book: Facing Grief With Eyes Wide open. I have a limited number of signed copies ready to be shipped.

Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open” is a book that would benefit anyone who is experiencing any type of grief. I have a limited number of signed copies ready to be shipped. For a signed copy, email or message me on FB/Messenger.

“Thank you for writing this book. There will be many in the next seven generations who will gain insight and a road to HOME as a result of your courage and commitment to share your story. The story of the Phoenix lifting to soar once more.”D. Drozda, Reviewed in Canada on April 12, 2017

The journey of grief for me was a conscious process, I documented all the excruciating, as well as, the liberating experiences in my book: Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open.

I know grief and loss very intimately and I see that, currently, on a global scale, we are facing a very similar process…I experienced loss/grief, deep Transformation/evolution and the re-birth/emergence of something new. In my case, it was the emergence of the new Me: my True Self.

Loss gives way to new growth…grief can give way to LOVE