The Gatherings with Remarkable Women is a group where Medea as facilitator, guides us deeper into our feminine power. She uses meditations, soul-searching questions, individual/group processes, movement and a variety of other techniques to help us recognize our greatest potential. I so look forward to attending the bimonthly sessions, as I have witnessed in myself & the other ladies incredible personal breakthroughs.
Thank you Medea for your compassionate dedication in leading us gracefully on our inner journey of transformation.

Anne-Louise Madigan

Medea is supportive, kind and understanding. She  knows and understands people’s needs. Helps me to navigate through various processes of actions and thoughts which are transformative in a very empowering way.  I have had many moments which surface that have been enlightening and healing.  Medea gets to the core, she is so insightful she gets to the heart and truth of the matter in ways that teaches me more and more about myself at a deeper level.  She is a great leader, teacher and nurturer showing us that we are enough and that greatness is found within, and how to connect with ourself and others.  I am so thankful to Medea,  this has been a great journey in the presence of an environment which Medea has created with her great abilities,  strength, understanding and supportive confidence.

Marilyn B.