Best Selling Author Medea Bavarella Chechik outlines Foundational Requisites for unlocking your inner power in order to transform your Self, become a Master of your life and awaken your deepest Soul Desires ~ the driving force for your fulfillment!

This video provides teachings to guide us in the process of mastering Self Transformation in a sustainable, profound and comprehensive new way!

All crisis, conflicts, patterns, limiting beliefs, fear and emotions (grief, hurt, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety…) provide the opportunities for us to get to the root of their cause in order to transform them and liberate us. This will enable you to learn to have an empowered relationship with your feelings. If unresolved, these patterns will continue being hidden barriers in yourself to being able to manifest and create. You cannot create upon patterns and beliefs that are not in alignment with your intentions and deepest desires.

It is possible for us to relate to our experiences in such a way that creates unprecedented power so we can graduate from our limiting consciousness ways of living our life.

Learn the Three Power Bases of Feminine Power Teachings and explore how Power Base one holds the key to transform your old ways of relating with yourself and create a new identity anchored in the deeper truth of who you are.

Have the experience of unlocking your deepest Soul Desires, and connect with your Future Self!

You will be infused with an evolutionary prospective/teachings/processes on how to navigate your life consciously, which, will enable you to experience what is beyond your established way of relating to yourself, others and the world.

You will be deeply Transformed!

The potential to discover how you are the Source of your experiences and how this new life view/prospective cant liberate and empower your, and pave the way to discover and integrate your highest Genius Self within.

You can transform the pain in your heart, the overwhelming feelings, the fear, confusion and self-abandonment.

You can awaken from your ‘slumber’ caused by the separation with Source within, to realize the truth of who you are.

You can discover the truth that you already possess within you all is needed for your transformation and renewal.

You will learn to utilize your pain and your “Wound” to evolve yourself: to unearth your innate gifts, your beauty and goodness.

You will learn how to walk your path with steadfast love, tenderness and powerful courage.

The results you will experience, once you embark on this journey with “Eyes Wide Open” are beyond what your ‘static’ mind can ever imagine possible!